Official Cancellation Notice for the 2014 FALL League. We regret that we have had to cancel the league due to low registration and availability of fields during football season on Saturdays. We chose not to play on Sundays. We will begin registration for the SPRING season in January 2015. Any parents who registered for the FALL league will receive a FULL Refund and be eligible for free entry in the SPRING. If you registered your child for this league All Refunds will be refunded on or before Dec 12th. If you paid by credit card it will be refunded to your card. If you paid by check we will refund you via mail to your current mailing address on file. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your support. Thanks Staff



Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register my child?


  1. Registration:  $115 + $5.00 (processing fee) = $120.00. You can register online via Credit Card or Debit Card Bank Account by clicking the Green Sign-Up Tab.  *There is a $5.00 non-refundable processing fee added to all registrations.*
  2. In Person Registration:
  3. By Mail Registration:


REFUND POLICY:  After sign-up, should you want a refund or withdrawal of your child, please contact us via email at (The Subject Line should read Refund/Withdrawal).  Refunds WILL NOT be issued after the Initial Start Date of the scheduled season practices) There will be a $20 non-refundable administration fee and $5 non-refundable processing fee accessed on any refund. If a child or parent is ejected from a game or field at any time for violation of the Code of Conduct. There will be no refund. Any refunds will be given 14-21 days after the start of the given season by certified mail.


What does the registration fee cover?

6 game flag football season, Official NFL Reversible uniform, flag belt, awards, Referees, interactive website (videos + pictures updated weekly), organized league play, and a ton of FUN! All teams do not make the playoffs


What kind of playing time can my child expect?

Rules are in place to promote equal playing time for all children regardless of experience or skill-set.


Can I request a coach or friend to be on my child's team?

YES! When you register you will have the option to name a coach, friend, or sibling that you would like to have your child play for or with. However we reserve the right to honor that request, especially in light of other factors. Siblings in the same age division will always be placed on the same team when requested. You can also request a teammate

This allows past players to have the same coach from season to season and for friends to be put on the same team.

**Requests are considered, but NOT GUARANTEED**


How are individuals placed on teams?

Players will register individually and will be placed on a team with other children who register as individuals. Teams will be formed in this order: first come, first serve basis, by age, and by school or division. If you have a minimum of  6 kids and a maximum of 10, they may register as a team. The team captain must pay the team fee no matter the exact number of kids and invite each plyer individually after payment to join the team.


What are the age groups?

Age Divisions: Children will be placed in their respective age division according to their age on May 11th. If you would like your child to 'Play Up' please email us after you have completed registration with your child's name, location of play, and age division you would like he/she to play in. We deserve the right to limit play ups.

Division/ Ages (does not include play ups)

4U - Ages 3 & 4 Coed - Boys and Girls play together
6U - Ages 5 & 6 Coed

8U - Ages 7 & 8 Coed

10U - Ages 9 & 10 Coed

Boys and Girls Play on seperate teams after Age 10

12U - Ages 11 & 12

14U - Ages 13 & 14

16U - Ages 15 & 16

18U - Ages 17 & 18

**Age Divisions are subject to change pending Enrollment**

**Start Dates are subject to change for several different reasons.**


Where do practices take place?

Practice are scheduled 1 hour before the games on Saturday .  Your head coach will determine any other practices. It is up to your team. Most teams typically practice at their game location one hour before their scheduled game as this seems to be the most convenient time for everyone. However, the coaches are instructed to make every practice as convenient as possible.


Does the league supply uniforms?

Yes. We supply jerseys and Flag belts.



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